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Full-Service Solar

We design, engineer, install and maintain solar systems for home owners, businesses, and utilities.

Why Go Solar?

-Save money on energy costs
-Clean & renewable energy
-Environmental stewardship

Why CST Solar?

Experience–we install the largest solar systems in Albuquerque and perform installations daily.


We searched for a SunPower dealer and CST was one of the two in N.M. We asked for bids from both contractors and CST offered a much better overall package. Lou Keniley was terrific! Best experience with a contractor, ever!”

-Robert Fox

Received October 5, 2015

We chose CST because of the financing and the efforts that Craig did to help us traverse the process to get the installation approved. The installers were fantastic! They answered any questions that we had, and to the best of my knowledge the installation is great.”

-C.C. Wright

Received September 10, 2015

Both Debi & I are completely satisfied, with the product, and the people that helped make it work. The installers were aces, in my book. Larry was on top of things. Curtis, and Orlando were awesome. Mike had all the answers, and paperwork. He told me, if I had any questions, on the paperwork, he’d stop off. The girls in the office were most helpful. Last, but not least, our sales rep. [Brent] did a fine job. Brent steered us in the right direction, and I thank you for that. I’ve dealt with a lot of different companies, and you were a straight shooter. We knew what to expect, and you guys had us up & running in no time. Thanks to you, and all the people at CST.”

-Jim & Debi Snyder

Received May 21, 2015

Very professional, helpful, and polite from start to finish.”

-Griff Lechner

Received February 27, 2015

You exceeded my every expectation with professionalism, punctuation, and assistance with all federal and state paperwork. We thank you and God bless.”

-Richard Verderame

Received February 24, 2015

To tell you the truth, I don’t see where you could do any improvements, I think you folks have all the bases covered. We checked your track record, and your company has a very good rating. That is why we went with you guys. Keep doing what you’re doing!!”

-James Snyder

Received February 18, 2015

We were very pleased with the expertise, consistent communication, and the service driven dedicated CST staff. Our experience will help us promote CST as the solar solution for others interested in purchasing a system.”

-Bill Monthan

Received February 17, 2015

Your customer service is excellent. It was a joy to work with the CST people.”

-Kathleen Weston

Received December 22, 2014

During the past few years I have used many different contractors for various projects. CST provided better service, from start to finish, than all of the other home contractors combined. How refreshing!”

-Michelle Chavez

Received August 15th, 2014

I just updated my solar earnings file, and noted that our system has produced in excess of the warranty by 6%, 6%, and 7% the 3 years we’ve had it. And you can’t beat the checks FROM the utility company! Best investment we’ve ever made. Thanks for the guidance on it.”

-Michelle Ummel

Received June 26th, 2014

My experience has been very positive and my electric bill in my 4000 sq ft home averaged about $400 winter and $700 summer. Now I receive a check from PNM because my panels produce more electricity than I use. CST placed my panels on my pitched roof so that they enhance the looks of my home instead of being a distraction. The tax savings made this a very good investment in our energy future. CST did everything they promised and in the time they said they would.”

-Jess & Gina Constant

Received May 15th, 2014

Good Morning,

Just a quick line to let you know the quality that I am seeing from the installation crew. I have been in the trade for 30+ years now and I can honestly say that I am very confident in the team that you have here at my location. Brian has showed pure professionalism throughout the entire process. Jerry and the apprentice have followed directly behind him and have offered a complete package when it comes to a TEAM. I often mentor Apprentices and I had the privilege of watching the team work yesterday afternoon. All hands were busy and constantly looking towards restoring the power to my house yesterday. They stayed until the conversion to the new panel was complete and would not leave until I verified all was well. It’s hard to find such quality these days and I felt compelled to let you know.

Thanks for all, and I am looking forward to the completion of said project in a much quicker turnaround than I had originally expected. GOOD job guys, and thanks.”

-Dale Candelaria

Received October 30, 2013


My name is Peter Chevalier and I have decided to choose your company as my solar installer. I just wanted to commend Mike Putnam on his job well done and making this sale. Mike was the first quote I received. However, I also received quotes from Enchanted Solar, 310 Solar, Positive Energy, and Affordable Solar. I didn’t know if I really wanted to spend top dollar on SunPower. Mike overcame that by selling me your company and overcame competition through facts and professionalism. I just wanted you know what a good employee you guys have. Thanks.”

-Peter Chevalier

Received October 14, 2013

Thank you for Paul Trawinski! From the first day we met him, he had our best interest in mind! He answered EVERY question my husband asked him (hubby has 37 years as an Electrician) and never batted an eye. Paul knows your solar systems and is one of the most refreshing young person we have met in a long time.

He kept us updated every time there was one, answered every email we sent to him, or phone call we made to him. This young man is truly an asset to your company Mr. Hauser! He deserves a “reward!”

Then, as if being a good “salesman” wasn’t enough, he showed up the second day Russ and Joey were installing our system and provided us all with lunch! What a great surprise that was! I hope you and your company do these kind thngs for your employees, to show them how much they are appreciated.

Russ and Joey are excellent employees! My husband is a perfectionist, and was so very satisfied with their work. Please reward them for making us very satisfied with our system.

We are, of course, spreading the word about CST to all we know and those who ask us about our system.

Thanks again Mr. Hauser, and don’t forget: Reward those wonderful employees. Blessings to all.”

-Dee Yeager-Bovenzi

Received September 21, 2013

I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you that Mike Garavaglia has been excellent at helping us with any service issues. He is always responsive and makes us know that we chose the right company in choosing CST. We appreciate your hiring excellent people like Mike.”

-Lillian Snyder

Dear Mr. Mosher,

I have just received your bill for the completion of the work your company was contracted to do for me. Before I pay what is owed and end our present agreement I wish to share some information.

You are presently (today, I believe) installing a new system for my uncle and his wife, Ted and Pat Arrington. I have sung your praises and trust that their experience working with you and your company is half as pleasant as mine has been. If this is the case, they will not be sorry with who they chose to do the job. I am working on my mom and hope to have her calling you soon as well.

I would like to commend you (and your employees) on having made it through the long haul this past 3 to 5 years. it has been a very difficult time economically for most companies such as yours. I sincerely believe that your ability to weather the storm has been owed to some very tangible values I have witnessed this past two months. One is your willingness to take on projects that aren’t necessarily easy, but that need to be done and being creative in figuring out how to make it happen (referring here to the reconfiguration of my 10 year old system specifically).

Second would be the down-to-earth while still courteous and professional way in which you treat others. And not just the potential customer, but more importantly your employees. I can say with confidence that they all emulate the example you set. I have nothing but positive things to say about each and every one of the individuals I had contact with, from the people answering the phones (Crystal, Chris, John, etc), to those emailing estimates and setting up work efforts (John, Larry, Chris, Rachel, etc), to the delightful crews that actually did the installation work here on my farm (thank you Brian, Cody, Russ, Mitch, etc). I am so grateful for all of you!

If there is any way I can be of service or support to you and your team in the future, please do not hesitate to let me know. Given that my original system was over 10 years old, you know that I value and believe in the importance of solar energy. But change is scary and hard and people will not be willing to give it a try if it is difficult to make happen. You and your employees obviously work to make it easy, relatively painless ($4k obviously isn’t a small amount) and well worth it.”

Thank you most sincerely,

L. Kelly White, El Nido Farm – South Valley

This panel alignment scheme you provided looks perfect. I like having as much of the panels near the roof peak as possible.

I really appreciated your friendly, yet professional, attitude when you came to our home. Those attributes go a long ways with me & will definitely add to my passion for solar power & CST as a premier company to do business with in New Mexico. As you probably saw, there are a large amount of potential customers here at Jubilee & I think if you (CST) play your cards right that the owners here will be eager to join the solar powered home team. I will see if the Jubilee owners will allow CST to do a full blown presentation at our community center (aka: the Villa) as well as an open house at our residence. This is a great opportunity to educate as well as gain business contacts. It’s a win-win situation.

Please do pass this email up the CST ladder to let your bosses know what a great job you and Lou have done so far.”

Thanks again,
Danielle & Karen Garnich

Just wanted to say how much I appreciated the courtesy and professionalism of your installation crew. They always arrived promptly, worked hard, and never failed to clean up after themselves at the end of the day. My solar panels and set-up look and function great; I will certainly recommend CST to my neighbors and friends.

Again, thank you for providing such excellent personnel.”

-Lucinda Scarlet

Mr. James Mosher,
Recently I had solar panels installed at my home. I would like to take this opportunity to comment on your crew that did the installation. They were very professional, knowledgeable and a credit to CST. I recommend them highly for a job well done. The crew Billy, Ben & JP are to be appreciated.”

Cecil S. Padilla

Dear Mike,
I wanted to write this letter of appreciation to both you and your firm for the outstanding work performed installing a solar system at my home last month.
The crews were all both courteous to the surroundings and very professional and thorough with the installation of this system. I was full of questions during the installation, but your crews always welcomed my questions, and answered them professionally. To date, my system has performed as promised without any issues.
I have recommended your firm to my neighbors, and I know that one of them has already contracted with your firm to have a system installed on their home. You can please offer a copy of this letter to other future customers asking for references, and they are free to contact me anytime to discuss my experience with both the products and services.
I want to thank you and your firm for being a stand up company with very high integrity in your services and products. You and your firm has made this decision to add a solar system to my home a simple task, and wish everyone at CST the best. Please keep doing what you are doing and you will receive many more letters like this one as proof, you are doing all you can to be the best in this business!”

Thank you.

Sincerely, Tom Ansara

Rio Rancho

Daniel’s team visited my home yesterday to fix a problem I didn’t even know I had! One of the fuses had blown. Daniel worked on the original installation and as before was quick, professional, and thorough.

My system is well on track to pay out in 7.5 years. We are very pleased with its operation and reliability. In May I actually produced more power than I consumed and in March had a 2590 KWH month (lots of sun).

I want to thank you for monitoring the system and a quality installation. I want to compliment you and your staff for an excellent job!”

Ed Urbanski



I was really pleased with their initial new plywood mounting board, and conduit routing. It looks like these guys are genuinely proud of their “plumbing” of the electrical lines. The work is “clean”, and smacks of ingenuity. They’re doing something radically different with the mainline, but it looks cool, whatever it is. Threaded connections, very first class.”

David K. Mitchell, P.E.

Please pass on my compliments to Carlos and Dave for the installation they performed on my home recently.

I appreciate their attention to the details, their eagerness to communicate what they were doing to a very curious customer, and their willingness to work with me in the placement of of the electrical boxes and meter and the routing of the wiring to the boxes. The overall result was a pleasant worry-free experience for me and and an aesthetic installation.”


Andrew Petney

Your crew from truck number 20 installed 13 panels on our roof and built the electrical connections last Friday the 13th. We wanted to express our appreciation for the great job they did. Richard Yazzie, Cody Simpson and JP worked well together, were very organized and proceeded to assemble the panels efficiently. The installation passed PNM’s inspection without any problems. Please thank the crew again for us. We are looking forward to getting the system operational.”

Harold G. Wall

Carl and his crew did and excellent job of installing the solar power system. Their work and work habits are first class and once we got the county electrical inspector here he quickly signed off on the installation. The next step is to get EPE to come out and install meters.
If EPE needs any more info with “original ink” customer signatures, let me know, i can deliver what they need to the office in El Paso.”

Jerry Billington

Just wanted to say how much I appreciated the courtesy and professionalism of your installation crew. They always arrived promptly, worked hard, and never failed to clean up after themselves at the end of the day. My solar panels and set up look and function great; I will certainly recommend CST to my neighbors and friends.

Again, thank you for providing such excellent personnel.”

Richard Yazzie Jr., Joey Otero and Calvin Fernandez were the crew sent by CST to install our solar panels. They finished today and what fun it was to see the meter moving backwards.

Both my husband David and myself were in the Navy and we were both in Electronic ratings. I mention that because we appreciate a good, clean install; we know how important planning is and that there is real craftmanship and attention to detail involved in a superior installation.

We would recommend this team to anyone who asked. They were prompt every morning and worked hard through the day. The installation itself is as good as we had hoped. The electrical instruments on the north wall are clean, everything is in conduit and Richard spent some time explaining the function of the elements and what we can expect in the days ahead.

Thank you for selecting this team for our installation, they were true professionals.”

Karen Hagerman


I want to commend these young men on the time they spent here on my property, as well as, the respect they extended to me, my dogs, the property, my neighbors, and neighborhood. They were very hard working, product knowledgeable and diligent in the installation of the solar system I purchased from your Company– adding to the confidence I need for having made this large investment and addition to the environmental friendliness of my home. I did take the time to engage each one of them individually while, also, observing each work. What most affected me was their pride in and commitment to CST. Please congratulate each on my behalf.”

Le Martinez


I am very grateful to Rick Ferrari for the great help he has been to me since I first engaged CST. I had been exploring solar for a long while and had had several of your competitors come to my home to give me estimates. Everyone provided information that was consistent with what I had been learning. However, Rick was unique in that he wasn’t trying to sell me a product. He sold me on CST, which included the solar system I selected. He has been remarkably professional from the beginning through the installation and at closing. He has been my lifeline all along, and I have the confidence, now, to call on him in the future with any concerns. Because it’s very apparent he believes in your Company and the importance of the customers you serve, I really believe I can trust in everything I’m told. Rick is to be congratulated for a job very well done.”


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