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Full-Service Solar

We design, engineer, install and maintain solar systems for home owners, businesses, and utilities.

Why Go Solar?

-Save money on energy costs
-Clean & renewable energy
-Environmental stewardship

Why CST Solar?

Experience–we install the largest solar systems in Albuquerque and perform installations daily.

Solar Power Maintenance in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Solar Panel MaintenanceTop-quality maintenance is just an extension of the personal connections we make with our clients for any issue that may arise with our systems. From the very start, we take the responsibility for the function of our solar power systems and will do everything to ensure they are maintained and performing up to standards. We are happy to help, even if you did not work with our New Mexico solar power system company for installation.

Why Your Panels Need Solar Power Maintenance

Our electric solar power systems are made with top-quality panels from SunPower Corporation. Each system is installed by expert journeymen technicians to ensure the job is performed correctly. Although situations that necessitate maintenance for your solar power system are rare, your product may require repair because of:

  • Dirt stuck to the top of the system that causes less sunlight to be collected
  • Snow that has frozen on your solar panels
  • A minor issue with the panels’ conductor or inverter

Call us professional solar power system maintenance for your home or business!

Call (505) 792-6359 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

If your electric solar power system is not meeting conversion rate standards, our monitoring programs will alert us. We’ll contact you to schedule a convenient time to take a look at the system. After we have found the issue, our technician will perform maintenance or schedule the work for a later time that fits into your schedule.

The Best Warranty for Your Solar Power System

Working with Consolidated Solar Technologies, LLC allows you to receive one of the best warranties in the business, a 25 year product and installation guarantee. Our warranty gives you the peace of mind that your system will perform to its maximum potential year after year. If any issue arises, our technicians will be there to troubleshoot the problem and fix it right away. Contact us for the best products and warranty today.

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