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We design, engineer, install and maintain solar systems for home owners, businesses, and utilities.

Why Go Solar?

-Save money on energy costs
-Clean & renewable energy
-Environmental stewardship

Why CST Solar?

Experience–we install the largest solar systems in Albuquerque and perform installations daily.

History of Solar Energy

The photovoltaic effect is the basic process through which solar cells convert sunlight into electricity. It was first observed in 1839 by French physicist Alexandre-Edmond Bacquerel. Other scientists would explore the effect in detail over the years, but the most prominent research in the field was conducted by Albert Einstein, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for his theories and predictions on the law of the photoelectric effect.

The first commercial application of PV systems took place in 1966, when a 225-watt PV system was installed on a lighthouse in Japan. It was the world’s largest installation at that time. Today’s larger photovoltaic power plants are capable of generating more than 50 megawatts (One million watts = one megawatt) of electricity.

Practical use of photovoltaic cells did not begin until the 1950s, when the technological advances of the space race allowed for fabrication of the first photovoltaic cells. But the technology was too expensive for widespread commercial use and the efficiency of the systems created in this era was low.

The first silicon photovoltaic cell was developed in 1954 at Bell Labs in California. Bell Telephone Laboratories produced a silicon solar cell with 4 percent efficiency, later achieving 11 percent efficiency. Western Electric began to sell commercial licenses for use of silicon photovoltaic technologies in 1955. Some of the products licensed included PV-powered dollar bill changers and devices for decoding computer punch cards. (Source: U.S. Department of Energy)

In the 1970s, the PV industry benefited from manufacturing breakthroughs attained by the semiconductor industry, which experienced rapid growth propelled by the high demand for computers and consumer electronics. Since then, the cost to develop commercial PV modules has steadily decreased while the global solar market has grown.

The global solar market has grown from about 80 MW in 1995 to approximately 5.9 GW (5,900 MW) in 2008.

In the last decade the PV market has experienced explosive growth. Driven by the need for renewable energy sources and backed by robust government incentives in countries including Germany and Japan, the global solar market has grown roughly 32 percent annually since the mid-1990s.

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