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Full-Service Solar

We design, engineer, install and maintain solar systems for home owners, businesses, and utilities.

Why Go Solar?

-Save money on energy costs
-Clean & renewable energy
-Environmental stewardship

Why CST Solar?

Experience–we install the largest solar systems in Albuquerque and perform installations daily.

What to Expect from our Team in Albuquerque, New Mexico

At our New Mexico solar panel system company, our team makes the solar process as easy as possible for you to complete to ensure your satisfaction with your installation and product. Working with our professionals at Consolidated Solar Technologies, LLC, you can expect:

Call us for professional solar panel system service for your home or business!

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    Personal Attention
    Personalized attention ensures that we understand your needs, expectations and budget so we can meet or exceed them. Your systems will be customized based on the information you provide us with during your initial consultation at your home or business and designed to incorporate the intricacies of your property to maximize efficiency and return on investment.

    Clear Expectations
    Our proprietary financial software will give you exact numbers to demonstrate the details of how your system will work to your benefit. You’ll know what your solar panel conversion rate will be, how much you’ll be saving every month in electricity costs and how long it will take you to pay off your system. You go in knowing exactly what to expect so you can make an informed decision about what system will work best for your needs and budget.

    Superior Warranty
    SunPower systems come with a 25 year product and installation warranty to ensure it will be able to operate at maximum efficiency for its entire life span. If any part of the system malfunctions before the warranty is up, our technicians are happy to visit your home or business and repair the issue as soon as possible.

Be a part of the solar energy movement in New Mexico to reduce harmful emissions and your monthly electricity bill by working with our professional design, installation and maintenance teams. Contact us today to setup an initial consultation.

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