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Full-Service Solar

We design, engineer, install and maintain solar systems for home owners, businesses, and utilities.

Why Go Solar?

-Save money on energy costs
-Clean & renewable energy
-Environmental stewardship

Why CST Solar?

Experience–we install the largest solar systems in Albuquerque and perform installations daily.

Solar Electric Power Services in El Paso, TX

Solar Energy Maintenance and RepairEarth has only a limited amount of resources that we can use for utilities. If we continue our current pace of consumption, it won’t be long before we do not have any fossil fuels left, making sources of renewable energy more important than ever. Our El Paso solar contractors can install systems that will minimize the use of these precious resources while saving your home or business money on your monthly utility bill. Our contracting company offers:

Solar Energy Installation
Our solar energy installation process is simple. We’ll visit you at your home or business to get an idea about what your needs and requirements are. After compiling the information, our design and engineering teams will coordinate to deliver a design that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Once you have decided on the system, we’ll procure the panels, pre-stage and install your system with maximum convenience.

Call us for professional solar contracting services for your home or business!

Call (575) 305-3028 in El Paso, Texas.

Solar Energy Maintenance and Repair
After installation, we monitor every solar electric power system to ensure it is functioning correctly. Most of the time, our system will pick up a malfunction before you even know there is a problem. When this happens, we will notify you that there might be an issue with your system and make a trip to your location. We can then diagnose and treat the problem.

Our solar panel sales team is happy to help you design a solar energy system that can power your home, business or small community. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation with our solar contracting company in El Paso!

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